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Our Insights

A faster, more reliable way to digitize your enterprise and to experience the value. We have been a Startup for other Startups by creating and delivering them Products in SaaS. The innovation is endless as we always brainstorm with new ideas, create POC's, create MVP's and Products that disrupt IT World. One such product of ours is Kindlesign and many others are on its way.


Project Accelerators for your industry

Enjoy our New Customer Experience with our innovative Products. Benefit from using our Mobile and Web E-Commerce B2C and B2B Custom and Tailored product according to Customer's needs. It supports all go-to market.

Blockchain POC

The challenges in the current business network is converted as Blockchain enabled Shared , Replicated Network. Ask for our Proof of Concept or tell your business problem to provide a solution.

Bigdata-ML-Artificial Intelligence

Have done a Bigdata-ML-Analytics project for a Fortune client with 7 million records. Product and Quantity recommendations based on Past Sales records.


Have a proto type for Healthcare IoT and awaiting fund to build a product. Also providing a IoT solution(Alert Mechanism) for an Pump Industry in Singapore.

SAP S4HANA Enhancement and Support

Have done a SAP integrated Web Order portal and is live for a customer. Also have SAP Certified consultants(mulitple industry experience) and team to delivery any SAP Enhancement and Support project. We also have capability to build latest SAP technology projects like SAP Fiori, S4HANA and Hybris.

Enterprise Mobility

We build Mobile and Web App for SAP S4HANA or standalone App for Engineering, Service and Manufacturing industries. Eg Service CRM App, Delivery Tracking App using GPS tracking, CRM App for SMS/Email Campaigning, Reward System, Employee Task Management etc

Why Us?

Unbounded Innovations - Prebuilt Integrations and Realize a fast
ROI with our Result-oriented services and drive higher value outcomes

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Build Extraordinary Products

Our mission is to build an innovative product and give extraordinary soluition.

Our Achievements

Solved Complex Business Problems to Clients with Technology Enabled solutions - Simple and Easy to use.






Products / MVP



Experience Innovation

Our team of experts can convert your business requirement into a MVP in 4 weeks, business pain area into optimization, industry bottlenecks into solution architecture and complexity into simple solutions. We innovate new products and also provide software consultancy for your requirement.

Tech Vision

Our Startups Visions is Lean Team, Disruptive Innovation, Complex Problem Statement into Simple Product or Solution.


Our Mission is to be innovative and provide best in class software solution that creates High Customer Experience. Solutions for any Problem Statement.


Our Startups Visions is Lean Team, Disruptive Innovation, Complex Problem Statement into Simple Product or Solution.

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