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Al is no longer a futuristic notion, it's here right now

Tech Vision

To be a powerhouse of innovation and technological excellence, and help our customers achieve their business objectives through disruptive innovation and solve complex problems into simple products or solutions.


To be creative and provide best-in-class software solutions that create a great customer experience.


Integrity, Commitment, Customer Excellence, Ownership & Team Work

Why Choose Us?

We help accelerate innovation, achieve faster time-to-market and enable new revenue streams for our customers by bringing in the right blend of technology, domain and UX to ensure the best outcome for their success. Our expertise cuts across all technologies creating values for our clients. We embrace an innovative culture with a CI/CD approach, and deploy on-prem and cloud apps built for open, secure and hybrid platforms.

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Our Journey

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  • A dream comes true! We kicked-off!

    New office space, strong culture, passionate techies is all that we needed!

  • Yup! It was a breakthrough!

    We did not need so many meetings, we bagged our first project.

  • Coffee on the couch with the team

    Guess What? Our team-size expanded right away – From 3 to 12

  • Our March Started / We took off

    Yes we are in SaaS! We launched our first SaaS-based Digital Signage Product and facilitation for US Outlets – Kindlesign.


  • We sank into a smile of ineffable happiness

    Yea, it was our pepped-up moment, we signed-up with our first fortune 100 customer.

  • Rolling with the moment

    All of it happened – our first product development partnership from idea to GTM
    SAP – B2B E-Commerce Portal development integrated with SAP
    K4Biz – ERP product on Cloud


  • Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle, how true! NextGen Technologies to empower the Digital Transformation

  • BigData & ML

    Sales recommendation engine for leading US-based manufacturing industry,

    Enterprise Mobility Enablement for a leading Digital

    Promotion Agency

    DataScience COE Establishment

  • Blockchain MVP

    Farm to Fork MVP.


  • Great leaders don’t tell you what to do they show you how it is done

    Operations and business strategy both are critical for a business. Yes, we have new leaders on board our CSO and COO, The more the merrier! Some more projects that we successfully nailed for our customers

  • Healthcare

    Digital Health Transformation for Provider Organization

  • Helo365

    SaaS based CRM App Development Partnership from Idea to GTM

  • 5+ Cloud ERP Implementations
    ( K4Biz )


  • The feeling of achievement - Climbing new heights! What you do has a far greater impact than what you say. Isn’t it?

    We got our 100th customer, Launched SaaS-based Telehealth App, Digital Signage expedition for a leading mall

  • Kanmalaitech and BigIdea Merger

    An exciting journey together kicked off.